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nigella’s ‘burqini’….noooooo!

April 22, 2011

The velvety and voluptuous Nigella Lawson is visiting Australia this week for the filming of the top rating cooking competition series, Master Chef Australia. Today, it was reported, Nigella took some time off for a dip at Bondi, Australia’s most iconic beach.

Although I’m sure many registered surprise, it is likely that I am one of only a relatively small number of Australian women who triggered when they saw this photograph. I suffered a reaction akin to the one I get when I spot some woman in the supermarket sporting a frumpy, homemade cotton frock, ugly lace-up shoes and a ‘head covering’. The culprit generally has a large contingent of similarly clad children trotting obediently behind her. I’m still too close to The Delusion to feel safe around these women; the nearness of an active participant in The Great Abuse is unsettling.

But this was, in its way, much, much worse. Nigella?! What is the meaning of this? Never usually one to conceal her curves, the ‘burqini’ is, at the very least, uncharacteristically modest attire for the self-proclaimed domestic goddess. One journalist hypothesises that Nigella was perhaps taking rather drastic action to protect her English complexion from the Australian autumn sun. Or that she, quite understandably, has no desire to open tomorrow’s paper and see telephoto shots of her lumpy bits.

Dear God, let it be so! If Nigella starts frocking up like a fundy she still strew the world with broken hearts. Including mine.

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  1. May 13, 2011 1:23 am

    I am pretty sure this is purely for protection from the sun, and possibly the paparrazzi, because, beautiful as she is, nobody can escape the unflattering shots they like to post on the front page for all supermarket shoppers to gawk at. This is an extreme attempt to avoid that, which might be the point. She is laughing at those who would want to exploit her natural lumps and bumps, calling attention to them in some “best/worst beach body” pictorial. That kind of stuff is designed to keep women in the perpetual cycle of hating themselves. If this is indeed the case, then ironically, her “burqini” is actually liberating her, because she made the free choice to wear it to thwart other forms of exploitation.

    I am so sorry that you struggle with those triggers. I suffer from PTSD stemming from severe childhood abuse, and I am still being triggered by the most random, odd things. I hope you are able to find peace someday, and feel safe encountering all types of people, even just in passing in a public place. I tell myself everyday that I didn’t escape my father just to imprison myself. Remember, you ARE free.

  2. Sarah F. permalink
    June 1, 2011 9:45 am

    Take a look at this article. According to her spokesman, she is protecting her skin.

  3. aim2misbehave permalink
    September 25, 2011 5:51 am

    Or maybe it’s a temperature thing? IDK what the Australian ocean is like, but I’d be inclined to wear something more like that in the off-season at some of the local SoCal beaches if my bikini would leave me too cold but I didn’t quite have the budget or desire for a wetsuit.

    Or maybe it’s just a fashion statement. While it seems somewhat impractical for hardcore swimming, for just frolicking on the beach, why not? I think it looks pretty on her.

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